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  Community Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo, Bulgaria

National Cultural Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo, Varshets Municipality, Bulgaria is founded in January 1946

The community center has a public library (4690 volumes of literature), a community hall for holding events, computers, and sound reproduction equipment. At Cultural Center "Prosveta-1946" currently has two amateur teams:
- Authentic folklore group
- Group of old urban songs

The groups have won prestigious awards from the examinations and festivals.
National Cultural Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo is registered under number 2184 in the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria.

National Cultural Center "Prosveta-1946"
Dolno Ozirovo, 3538
Municipality Varshets

Telephone: 09525 210
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